Blatant Lies

 In order to proceed, I have to purchase my own surgery. This is because the FEED ToS indicates that a citizen of Union Civic can’t be forced to accept a TYPE conversion without agreeing to accept the surgery voluntarily. This is just one example of how the FEED criminal rehabilitation system works: nothing that happens to a criminal, short of detainment, is done without their approval. This ensures that the criminal decides their own course of rehab. The options set before you are given as a result of your infograph, already organically tailored to your needs, and you may choose among them or you may abstain. My infograph has me cited as the number one enemy of the state, so my only volunteer option is surgical reassignment preceding enlistment in MedCorps and mandatory therapy sessions.

 So, I abstain. For seventeen cycles I’ve abstained. Each cycle lasts for a certain number of calculations, optimized for each individual within the system for real decision making. During these cycles you remain in custody, where I currently reside. I’m taking a walk right now. The best place for me to consider my options seemed like the beach along the primordial sea, some (year BC). Cracks in the earth hiss steam, the sun is a distinct shade of dull amber and if I didn’t have olfactory turned off I’d be introduced to a variety of early-earth smells. Thick waves lurch across the rocks, smother my toes and recede. I’m naked but I can still put my hands in my pockets. I bend down, stick my hand into the water and feel its strange warmth. Back the wave goes out to sea, leaving my hand covered in a thick goop. There’s nothing on land to speak of: hills, rocks, bumps and crests hissing and glowing with tinsel stains. No birds in the sky, no fish in the sea. It’s very lonely but I seem to want to feel lonesome. A tingling sensation in the back of my head tells me that the cycle is ending and I’m going to have to make a decision. A very long time is spent on the shore: 142010032013 implied milliseconds, perceived by me as “a very long time” during which I reject any attempt to move my criminal case forwards. Like a living memory I understand that my corporeal body rests in MedCorps custody and only has for perhaps a few solar hours.

7 March 2013