Blatant Lies

final bit

[SWAYZE: Hey champ! Lose any more money on finding a girlfriend?]


[BIEBER: I have a girlfriend dad!]

[SWAYZE: Oh right, I forgot about your estrogen injection!]

[laughter as Bieber rolls his eyes]

[SWAYZE: So what’ve you been doing on Civic Editorial lately?]

[BIEBER: Postmodern Man, dad!]

[SWAYZE: But son, that’s me! Last time I checked, pederasty was still illegal.]

[laughter and groans]

[BIEBER: No dad, it’s what’s hot today! Here, I’ll show you.]

[Bieber logs into the Civic Editorial networking centre. A hubbub of information spills into the room as the universal communications forum becomes the room. Bieber moves through the various mediums of communications and discussion towards InsideJob, an open-topic discussion medium. He enters a discussion as several handles are debating a race between nervous signals within the body and the speed of the electromagnetic wave through standard fiber optics. The debate is centered around a handle named JULI****ER who has posed the question of the distance necessary for an electromagnetic wave to travel in order for there to be a significant or insignificant delay between how fast the eyes send signals to the brain. The question was if data could be transmitted rapidly enough to “dodge” between the interval of light hitting the retinal nerve and the brain recognizing what is being viewed. The discussion has already taken a poor turn: two handles claiming to be Neuroscience Specialists have stated that the question is improperly posed. Several others state that this delay is already used in a fully integrated FEED environment to allow two individuals in the same place to see different states of Context-Surface if properly conditioned to adjust their recognition delay using drugs, light-bending filters or eye-wear  And Bieber, along with several others, have begun posting the propagation speed of an extinct species of bottom feeding fish claiming it to be the standard modern human nervous system communications time with sluggishness due to constant vibe saturation. As the argument explodes in several different directions Bieber begins posting “The confused fate of the Postmodern Man!” to much laughter all around. This is followed by visual diagrams of the nervous system laid out like the Union Civic tram system, with all of the major brain/body connective paths coincidentally matching the problematic routes between the northwest miles where refugee influx and the propaganda war against the guerrilla nation has caused maintenance and expansion efforts to suffer due to construction drone vandalism and hostility towards police and MedCorps psych outreach specialists.]

[BIEBER: Postmodern Man! Ha ha! They’re getting so upset!]

[Swayze watches this unfold with a blank expression.]

[SWAZYE: I don’t understand.]

[BIEBER: What do you mean dad? Look, he’s going to fall for it again!]

[Bieber introduces to the discussion the left-field Theory of Human Evolutionary Rapidity via Technological Reliance, providing evidence of its growing acceptance among popular Expansionist figures by using SixDegree to “flex” proof of the interdependence of key phrases with in the theory’s primary thesis and archived Expansionist discussions of human progress generation by generation. This makes the theory appear to be the most popular theory currently en vogue with the Biochem and Neuroscience Specialty sector. Following up, Bieber states that the theory clearly shows a causal relationship between the increased complexity of telecommunications technology and a 12% increase in developmental volatility between generations exposed to this increasingly interconnected web of information exchange vectors. When another member of the room attempts to counter this by calling the theory into question, Bieber slams him with the same catchphrase]

[BIEBER: Fate of the Postmodern Man!]

[extended laughter]

[SWAYZE: Can you explain this to me?]

[Bieber looks at his father and EmotE demonstrates his {pity}. The discussion veers into the word “geriatrophy” being tossed around, lending credence to Bieber’s populist approach to entertaining himself by taking Evolutionary Rapidity via Technological Reliance as a given. The popularity of discussing “geriatrophy” among those aged 14-24 is high. The word, an Inside<%>Job home trademark, describes how older individuals who were exposed to a relatively less complicated and streamlined FEED show, in little ways, their difficulty in adjusting to the newer platforms being developed. Grandfathers have especially enough trouble making full active use of FEED’s daily growing suite of options, instead settling into a groove of allowing FEED to dictate a passive and stimulation-digestive path for them through their years. Fathers of the new generation, however, are beginning to show signs of geriatrophy by having difficulty interpreting the FEEDScript-OPEN changes made to FEEDScript for casual conversation. Many sons on the board, Bieber included, use FEEDScript in colloquial ways that deviate wholly from spoken or written English and their fathers are unable to understand not only the sequencing but the overall “hip” context of their user-modified forms of FEEDScript which are becoming more and more commonplace. Bieber begins posting geriatrophy imagery, laughing, as Swayze watches: an old man with an overlay of his constant surgical reinforcement around the body to keep it operating efficiently with the brain stamped with the word EXEMPT.]

[SWAYZE: I need to go check and see if dinner is still hot.]

[Bieber {waves} to his dad as Swayze exits the room, past the pot of soup on the table which is still declining in popular appeal, past his wife’s room where a mountain of sheets writhes and pulses, into his Sleeping Room where he lies down on his bed and stares at the ceiling.]


2 January 2013